Easy Ways to Reduce Your Phone Bills

As a consumer, you are probably always looking for a viable way to cut down your monthly costs. You will want to find reliable ways to reduce bills such as electricity and cable. Your phone bill is another obligation that you can reduce if you use a few simple strategies. You can cut your phone bill down more than 50 percent if you use them. The following are some tips on reducing your phone bill as quickly as possible:

Review Your Usage

The first step that you will want to take in reducing your cell phone bill is reviewing your monthly usage. You can take a minute to read your phone bill to see where you are spending most of your money. You will want to review whether you have long distance charges or if you are paying extra during the month for special features. Additionally, you will want to take note of the number of minutes you use every month. That usage will indicate how much you can cut your bill. Once you analyze your phone bill, you can use the knowledge to spare yourself some money.

Adjust Your Plan According to Your Usage

Next, you will want to adjust your phone plan according to your usage. This depends on who currently provides your services. If you are using cellular phone service, you can change your plan to a cheaper plan that offers you a modest bucket of minutes. You can review your cell phone plans for features you do not need, as well. If you have landline service or DSL, you may want to select the minimum plan that they have that fits your style of usage. Many consumers pay extra each month because they do not stop to review their usage. You now have the upper hand, and you can use it to save yourself money.

Try a VoIP Provider

Another option for you as a consumer is trying a VoIP provider. VoIP services are becoming highly popular because of the many benefits they offer. First, VoIP services such as Buffalo NY Vonage will provide you with a low monthly bill. You can receive crystal clear service and many of the features that you love for a low price in most cases. Additionally, you can take your VoIP service with you wherever you go, unlike landline services and DSL service. If you truly would like to reduce your phone bills, you can try a VoIP provider with almost no risk today.

5 BIG Technology Trends to Watch This Year

5 BIG Technology Trends to Watch This Year
Remember the Ebola scare of 2014? That has really lit a fire for a rapid test in adverse environmental conditions. This new technology is emerging this year and will consist of a special paper that will identify specific proteins of potential pathogens not only for ebola but for four other types of especially lethal fevers as well.

A patent has recently been filed for using the heat from two lasers pointing at each other in front of a military vehicles . The idea is that in a split second as lasers collide the heat produced acts like a shield and bends around the close object temporarily. This would be protective against roadside explosions as it would move the energy away from the target.

In keeping up with our cell phone love affair especially when it comes to taking all of those pictures, a 200GB microSD has just been released. It can now store more now than ever and has incredible sharing speeds. Look out 4G/LTE, 5G is on the way and of course that will mean newer phones will be required. This will have to be ironed out by the techies in many countries to ensure communications are legal.

One of the big software companies has announced a wireless goggle that allows you to build holograms by wearing the device, operating with your gaze and opening the software tools. You use your hands to build your object as it floats through the air. This can then be converted to an actual prototype on a 3D printer. This will take holography into the room you are in allowing you to design around the objects in the room, anything from furniture design to creating your very own video game. You are limited only by your imagination.

Now imagine this; a group of protesters in Spain recently used holograms of themselves marching at night in the street before a government entity and television cameras. Why? It is illegal to protest and march physically in their county. They looked like a bunch of ghosts shouting oaths against that very law. No one could be arrested!